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eGift Coupon

What is an Green Pal Store eGift Coupon?
Green Pal Store eGift Coupon is a digital format voucher can be used to buy almost any item sold on It is an environmental friendly choice, as zero waste of other resources.

How many eGift Coupon can I buy?
You can purchase as many eGift Coupon as you wish, each purchase submission from the coupon page will add ONE coupon to shopping cart.

How do I order an eGift Coupon?

1. On the eGift Coupons page.
2. Choose the desired eGift Coupon amount and quantity.
3. Type-in the personalised message and receipt's information if requested.
5. Click the "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button. The eGift Coupon will be added to the "Shopping Cart Summary".
6. If you'd like to order another eGift Coupon before checking out, complete the order form again.
7. If you have not sign-in. Please sign in with your account User name and Password.
8. Review your order in the "Shopping Cart Summary" page and click the Next button at below and follow the steps to complete your purchase.
9. We'll send you an e-mail confirmation once you have placed your order.

Can more than one eGift Coupon be spent at a time? 
No, if you've more than one coupon code only one can be spent at all time, the shopping cart will take the value from the latest keyed-in coupon code.

How do I buy more than one eGift Coupon?
Complete details of your first eGift Coupon order and add it to your basket. Then go back to the eGift Coupon purchase page, complete details of your second eGift Coupon order and add it to your basket. Repeat the same step for additional coupon then continue to checkout to complete your order.

Can you send the eGift Coupon to the recipient for me? 
Sure, no problem. We'll email to the recipient according to the provided recipient's email.

How long is my eGift Coupon valid for?
eGift Coupon are valid for one year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

Can I extend the validity period of my eGift Coupon?
We're sorry, eGift Coupon cannot be extended.

My eGift Coupon has expired, can I reactivate it?
We're sorry, eGift Coupon cannot be reactivated.

When will the eGift Coupon arrive?
E-mail eGift Coupons generally arrive within 1 day of being ordered. We will send you an email notify after we've sent the eGift Coupon to you or/and the recipient (if the eGift Coupon is for someone else).

Can I print the eGift Coupon at home?
Green Pal Store eGift Coupon only available in email or digital format. A coupon graphic, message and unique code will attaches to the email. You can print your eGift Coupon as many times as needed, but the code it contains can only be redeemed up to the pre-set amount. When the eGift Coupon has been fully redeemed to order or has expired. The eGift Coupon code no longer can be use.

Help! The e-mail eGift Coupon I ordered didn't arrive.
Some e-mail providers give users the option of blocking all e-mail messages that originate outside of their domain. You may want to check your email Spam folder first. If the eGift Coupon is for some one else you may want to check with your recipient to make sure their e-mail is configured to accept e-mails from

Are you able to reissue the code, if we lost it?
Once you have used the coupon, the code will always appear in your "User Center >> My Coupon" page. If you have lost your coupon email, you can always refers back to this page for the coupon code. You can re-use the code up to the pre-set amount or the balance amount show in the page.

How do I use my eGift Coupon?

Step- 1 Browse through the listed products categories.
Step- 2 Select the product you want to buy and click on ’Add to cart’ button.
Step- 3 Go to "Shopping Cart Summary" page by clicking on the link at top right hand side of the screen.
Step- 4 Please enter your eGift Coupon code number to "Use Coupon" field. And, click "Validate Coupon" button.
Step- 5 The Shopping Cart value will be recalculated and the balance value, if any, is to be paid for through other payment option available on our website.

Can I use my Green Pal Store eGift Coupon on other websites?
No. Green Pal eGift Coupon can only be used in

I'm having trouble using my eGift Coupon to place an order. What is happening?
Our eGift Coupon could be used to buy almost any item sold on However, sometime you may see some error message that does not allow you to use the voucher code. Below are the explaination of the error:

1. Error message say that "Coupon is not valid with other discounts."
This is could be there's already have other none cumulated value coupon code in the "Shopping Cart Summary" page. Please remove the code.

2. Error message say that "Coupon name/code invalid."
You may key-in the wrong coupon code, please make sure you have key-in the correct coupon code, that we have sent it to you.

If the above doesn't seem to be the issue, please send us the issue through our Contact us form.

What happens to the rest of my eGift Coupon value if I don't use it all at once?
If you're the one who purchased and own the eGift Coupon. You can see your coupon code appeared in "My Coupon" listed under "User Center" page. Once you've entered the coupon code on our site, we'll keep the balance in your account for use on future purchases. For other recipient or the one who received the eGift Coupon, the coupon code will appeared in his/her "My Coupon" list under the "User Center" page after the first purchase. Please be aware that the original expiration date applies to any unused funds.

When you place your next order, make sure you have use the same coupon code. If your order total is more than your eGift Coupon funds, you'll need to pay for the rest with other payment option available on our website.

You should see the eGift Coupon funds reflected in the "Shopping Cart Summary" page. If the funds don't show up there and your eGift Coupon hasn't expired, you might have more than one account; please Contact us.

What are the restrictions for using an eGift Coupon?
Using eGift Coupon just like using your own cash fund. There's no specified restriction. Except, those Terms and Conditions that we have already stated in our "Terms and Conditions" page.

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