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How Green Are We?

At GreenPal Store, we are dedicated to developing a sustainable business.  In every aspect of our operations, from product shipment to office supplies, we look to reduce waste, conserve energy, and minimize use of resources.

Our commitments


- We only use low power consume electrical equipment.
- We turn all laptops and other equipment off at the end of the day.
- We host our website with a company that has a comprehensive environmental policy.

In our office

- Our stationary is made from reused, recycled or sustainable materials.
- We only receive e-invoices and made our payment through online payment.
- All of our printed materials (including invoices) are printed on 100% post-consumer nature color recycled paper.

Our Product

- To minimise the impact on the enviromental, we insists on using recyclable paper for our own produced product packaging. And, when possible instead of the usual colorful packaging printing, we only use minimal color (1 color) for printing.

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